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Satellite Anti-Theft System źPolaris Satellite╗

Satellite security system of Premium Class źPolaris Satellite╗ is an active protection of the car and its owner in the event of an attempted car theft or robbery, which makes it possible to quickly influence the course of events.

Satellite security system of Premium Class źPolaris Satellite╗ operates on the whole territory of Ukraine and CIS. Conceptually the system is fundamentally different from what today could be found on the market. It uses innovative developments of our engineers.

A key difference of the satellite anti-theft system from conventional car alarms is the combined use of satellite GPS constellation and the GSM standard, from which the alarm is transmitted to the control center.

Advantages of źPolaris Satellite╗:

  • Individual approach during installation of equipment into the vehicle.
  • Automatic activation of the protection function.
  • Change of configuration and algorithm in anti-theft system every 5-6 months, which increases effectiveness of protection.
  • Clients are given źlifetime╗ warranty on equipment and free maintenance.
  • When using a satellite signal you are not engaged into protection of your car. This is a job for our 24h Control Centre that will receive alarms from the car, remotely controll locking and turning on protection devices associated with the owner and promptly act according to the situation.
  • Unlike traditional car alarms which are well studied by hijackers, satellite anti-theft system źPolaris Satellite╗ is not a mass product and is specifically designed for premium cars.

Technical features of źPolaris Satellite╗:

  • System uses automatic test equipment which allows to remotely track performance of the system with the transmission of information to the control center.
  • GPS module security-search engine źPolaris Satellite╗ uses highly sensitive 50-channel GPS receiver, making it possible to determine the location of the vehicle. Even in closed boxes.
  • All electronic equipment satellite anti-theft system źPolaris Satellite╗ works in the minimum power consumption mode.
  • Ability for the client to monitor and track his car in on-line mode.
  • An important ancillary anti-theft tool is a simultaneous transmission of an alarm to the control center and customers mobile phone.
  • Satellite alarm źPolaris Satellite╗ security is unique. With regularly updated software and hardware system it makes it possible to resist even the high-tech methods for stealing.

Satellite Anti-Theft System źPolaris Satellite╗ is the latest word in the vehicle protection