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Distinguishing features

Satellite security-search system of Premium Class "Polaris Satellite" has a number of features unique to it:

  1. Individual approach to the installation of equipment in the vehicle, taking into account the particular design of the car and the owner wishes.
  2. Protection function is automatically enabled. System continues to protect the car, even in cases when the owner forgot to close the door or put the car under the protection of regular keychain.
  3. The system does not reveal itself. In the cabin there will be no visible buttons, dialing code remotes, fingerprint scanners, keyholes, chrome levers, flashing LEDs, glued antennas etc.
  4. Installation at authorized well-equipped service stations.
  5. The integration of each system on a vehicle is carried out by the different trusted and well-paid installers from Polaris Satellite, which allows to avoid leakage of information about the location of the system and how it's connected.
  6. When installing we're using the same materials that the manufacturer uses in the vehicle during its assembly. Thus in case of disassemblement the security system cannot be distinguished from the standard equipment.
  7. Every 5-6 months there are changes in both configuration and algorithm of the system, which increases the effectiveness of protection.
  8. Clients of "Polaris Satellite" are given "lifetime" warranty on the purchased equipment, and a free system maintenance for the entire term of a subscription to the service.