Main Features

  • Departure of rapid response teams after signal of an attempted theft or other unauthorized actions
  • Remote (via attendant console) engine lock or activation of additional safety devices in case of carjacking
  • Panic button to call up rapid response teams
  • Automatic transfer to the Dispatch Center alarm signal with location coordinates of the vehicle at each detection of zones of protection Polaris Satellite system
  • Automatic transmission of alarm signal to the Dispatch Centre in case of impact on the installed equipment
  • Transmission of special alarm signal to the Dispatch Centre when system is disarmed by "under duress" key (driver taken as a hostage)
  • Full identification of the situation in the car with the help of audio controls.
    If in a moving vehicle driver is being held as a hostage and dispatcher knows the intentions kidnappers, the response team will be able to act so that they would:
         a) preserve the health and lives of the hostages
         b) not damage the car
         c) not create an emergency situation on the road
         d) not give attackers chance of impunity or an option to leave the scene
  • Special signal alarm function in case the driver had been thrown out of the car during hijack
  • Protection against hijack using stolen keys
  • Depending on the system configuration it is possible to monitor in real time a route of movement of the vehicle and its speed. Also to get information about traveled routes, places of stops and duration of any period of time. It is not necessary to keep it permanently on the computer anywhere in the office or at home, all the information stored on the server of Polaris Satellite and can be accessible at any time