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Is a system for search and detection of the transportation.

KROT is a stand-alone high-tech device for covert installation on the vehicle for the purpose of its detection in case of theft.

After owner informs Dispatch Center with a written statement about car theft, device sends a command to the KROT device. After receiving this command device will go into a permanent mode of communication with the controller, transmitting information about the vehicle and its location.

All information from the stolen car quickly will be reported to the police, which will carry out search, apprehension and return of the vehicle to the owner.

How it works:

  • KROT device is set up in a remote place.
  • Constantly being in "standby mode" device is configured only for reception of signals from the Dispatch Center, which complicates the search for it in the car with the help of the bearing devices.
  • After receiving the command it begins to transmit the coordinates, speed, direction of movement of the vehicle in a non-stop Dispatch Center in real time.

Distinctive features:

  • Simple and quick installation.
  • Small dimensions provide plenty of options for concealed installation in a vehicle.
  • Lack of remote antennas.
  • Period of service on their own self-powered 2 years (without need for replacement of elements).
  • Built-in GPS receiver of the latest generation. Supersensitive, 50-channel running on reflected signals.
  • Not detectable by diagnostic devices.
  • It does not consume energy from the standard battery.
  • No problems with vehicles warranty, since installation does not affect integrity of the factory wiring.
Configurations of the system Polaris Satellite KROT

Using satellite constellation NAVSTAR


Connection with the vehicle


24h Dispatch Center


Activation of the device on owners request


At owners request calling up rapid response groups to carry out search and return of the vehicle


Special Service Mode that won't reveal security system while the vehicle is at service station or in car wash


Standalone battery


Year-long subscription to the service


Retail price of the system (with installation)

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