Technical features

Satellite security system of Premium Class Polaris Satellite operates on the whole territory of Ukraine and CIS. Conceptually the system is fundamentally different from what today could be found on the market. It uses innovative developments of our engineers.

  • The system uses automatic test equipment that allows our system to track performance of the transfer of information to the Dispatch Center.
  • In GPS module of the security-search engine Polaris Satellite is used 50-channel high sensitivity GPS receiver with internal memory that allows you to determine location of the vehicle, even in closed boxes.
  • All electronic equipment of the security-search engine Polaris Satellite works in the minimum power consumption mode (50-120 mA in Standby and 150-200 mA in Alarm mode), which significantly increases discharge period of the regular battery on long car parking. In all systems there's an installed optional rechargeable backup battery that allows you to operate autonomously for 24 hours.
  • An important ancillary anti-theft tool is the simultaneous transmission of all alarms to our 24h Dispatch Centre. On request customer can receive alarm signals on his mobile phone in the form of SMS messages.